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Antonio, better known as Tony Whlgn (Hoo-li-gen), is a creative being whose work is grounded in community and human evolution. With a focus on painting and design, Tony has found unconventional ways to share his work with the world, from music to garments, while always prioritizing the power of authentic storytelling. His mission is to inspire others to follow their dreams and not conform to societal norms, a message that is reflected in everything he creates.

Growing up in Detroit's Eastside, Tony's passion for the arts was evident from a young age. Despite pursuing higher education, he knew that college wasn't his destiny and chose to pave his own way in the world. In 2009, he formed Whlgn®, a community of like-minded humans who encouraged each other to be entrepreneurial and stay true to their passions. Through his work, Tony aims to ignite imaginations and inspire those who can relate, leaving a lasting impact on his community and his son, and spreading the Whlgn core value of relentlessly being true to yourself.

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