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Fashion Designer

Who Decides War

In six years, notable contemporary creator Everard Best, more commonly known by the moniker Ev Bravado, and his creative partner Téla D’Amore have designed and consulted for several esteemed brands including NIKE, PUMA, Off-WhiteTM, Evisu, New Balance, Levi’s and Timberland, cementing their footing in contemporary design. After launching his clothing brand Ev Bravado in 2015, Bravado used this exposure and enormous social media presence to transition this platform over to the newly renamed brand, Who Decides War. Widely recognized for new signature denim silhouettes, Who Decides War hones in on carefully crafted pieces, expert garment distressing, and multi-phase hand-dyeing, all with incomparable and meticulous attention to detail. These key factors are what continue to set this creative team apart. As Who Decides War continues to grow exponentially, its in-house team retains the same grounded outlook and mission statement of instilling faith, culture, and a handmade touch into each garment created.

Together, Ev Bravado and Téla D’Amore embark on a new venture, debuting full scale collections under the brand’s new name, W H O D E C I D E S W A R .

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