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Fashion Designer


Colm Dillane cannot be contained. The founder of KidSuper created one of today's most sought-after brands by making it in his image, imagination, and dreams, where boundaries do not exist. This former professional Brazilian footballer, award-winning director, and platinum record producer brings the magic and the wonder to a world in need of more joy, access, and inclusivity. His infectious and illuminating energy has powered a meteoric rise in the worlds of fashion and creativity. Colm does not quit.

After being rejected twice, he took Paris Fashion Week by storm in 2020 after finally being accepted he showed the celebrated Everything’s Fake Until It’s Real collection with a claymation runway show that “featured” Salvador Dalí, Naomi Campbell, Stephen Hawking, Pele and more. This show earned him comparisons to early Raf Simons’s youthful milieu and Schiaparelli’s surrealist sensibilities. Subsequently, he was recognized as the first American to win the LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Prize in 2021 building a streetwear/high fashion crossover brand that tops every magazine’s most-wanted list.  

A true resident of the world, Colm is a reflection of his nomadic upbringing, moving fluidly in and out of communities of all creeds, cultures, and convictions. Born to an aspiring artist from Spain and a fisherman from Ireland, this native New Yorker inherited his mom's curiosity and artistry, his dad's grit and bravery, and the world's optimism. A true-first generation American where nothing is given and everything is earned, Colm is grateful every day and you can see it in all that he creates.

To call his works creations is an understatement. They are celebrations. Celebrations of the best parts of all of us, the perfectly imperfect things that make each of us magical. Dillane challenges everything we thought we knew about what fashion was and ensures that everything we will come to know is a reflection of the world he knows we all deserve. A world where boundaries do not exist. A world and industry where dreams continue to come true. And where a kid with no business being in fashion is the future of the fashion business.

Colm earned a 2022 CFDA American Emerging Designer of the Year nomination. He’s also lauded amongst his contemporaries on 2022’s VOGUE Business’ 100 Innovators list and the HypeBeast 100 list. Kidsuper has collaborated with Puma, Coca-Cola, Alice + Olivia, Suicoke, A$AP Mob and others. He was invited to guest design the Louis Vuitton Homme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection.

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