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Cleveland Cavaliers


Caris LeVert plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers where he recently re-signed for two seasons. Prior to the Cavs, LeVert played for the Brooklyn Nets. He played college basketball for the Michigan Wolverines where he went on to reach the championship game in the 2013 NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. As a sophomore for the 2013–14 team, he became a regular starter and was selected as a second team 2013–14 All-Big Ten player for the outright Big Ten regular season champions. Caris is a Columbus, OH native. While with the Nets, he launched the “22 Initiative,” a program that provided mentorship for 22 Brooklyn natives. His deep commitment to service stems from his own challenges, including losing his father as a teen. Never one to use these barriers as a crutch, he remains optimistic and wants to be the mentor that he never had.

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