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IMPACT MENTORSHIP is a program founded by Joey Bada$$ — inspired by
Unlock Her Potential — that provides free mentorship for men of color 18 years and older in the US (including Puerto Rico). According to the Brookings Institute, “Black men have the highest unemployment rates of any race/gender group, and the lowest labor force participation and employment rates among men.” With men of color being under-resourced and thus underrepresented in leadership roles, only six black men CEOs lead companies on the 2023 Fortune 500 list. We believe wholeheartedly that mentorship can help provide a path to professional and financial independence. In addition to career guidance, one of the most critical gifts the mentees receive is confidence.


OBJECTIVE • • • • •

To commit to a man of color's professional development and growth by sharing expertise, experience, wisdom, insights, guidance, and constructive criticism.

Just 1 hour with any of these mentors could change the life of a man. 




We are confident that this mutually enriching experience will be a powerful step towards achieving greater equity in the workplace. Please adhere to the following guidelines and rules. This is a strictly professional relationship. Mentees should not discuss personal issues as mentors are not their therapists.

  • Mentors should be engaged, encouraging, empowering. Mentors are expected to share expertise, wisdom, guidance, and constructive criticism to help their mentees develop and advance their careers.

  • Mentees should be humble, disciplined, grateful. Mentees are expected to respect mentor’s time and do their best to follow their advice. The mentor/mentee relationship should be based in respect, trust, communication.

  • This is a strictly professional relationship. Mentees should not discuss personal issues as mentors are not their therapists.

  • Mentees should prepare questions for each session to maximize the time.

  • Mentors are not expected to advocate in any way on behalf of their mentee e.g. make introductions, write recommendation letters help secure jobs, etc. If they choose to do so, it is at their sole discretion, not at the request of the mentee.

  • Mentees can discuss projects, but must not pitch them to their mentors.

  • If mentees asks their mentors to engage outside of a call e.g. listen/watch/read a sample, that is considered part of the monthly hour.

  • Mentees should schedule the meetings and send calendar invites.

  • Mentees understand their mentors may not reach the target 12 hours in the year due to unforeseen circumstances, but will try to make up the time, pending scheduling.

  • Meetings will be virtual, unless the mentor suggests otherwise.

  • If a mentor doesn’t hear from their mentee after two months, we will assume the mentee is no longer interested or able to participate. Should any issues arise, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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